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VERTIK is a top consulting company in the capital market, with the broadest local and international practical expertise, specializing in IR and PR. It is the only company in Romania that offers a diversified range of related services to listed companies, prospects, and companies interested in growth, including startups.

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Our different approach

Our team's combined experience of over 60 years in the field of Investor Relations ensures our performance and ability to innovate, setting new standards in the industry.

As specialists in Investor Relations and Public Relations, we offer active and proactive assistance in effectively communicating with all relevant audiences through our unique, four-perspective professional approach: MArketing, LEgal, FInancial, and COMmunicating.

Whether your company is going through an IPO, M&A transaction, or any other situation, the strategy for public communication plays a crucial role in creating and maintaining the desired image among the target audience.

The strong network we establish between the company and investors is a testament to our performance and a guarantee of achieving the mutual goals of Investor Relations and Public Relations

Premium Services

Our services

Investor Relations and Public Relations (IR and PR)

1. IR Strategy and Action Plan

  • Conducting perception studies among investors, financial analysts, and the press
  • Analyzing and identifying current and potential investor profiles ...

2. Communication with investors and the capital market

  • Developing and implementing an Investor Communication Plan
  • Crafting concise fact sheet presentations summarizing ...

3. Public relations

  • Development and implementation of a Media Communication Plan
  • Crafting and distributing press releases ...


We provide support to companies in taking their initial steps in non-financial reporting and incorporating sustainability principles - ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) - in alignment with international standards.

Initial assessment

Development of the Sustainability Report

Communication of initiatives undertaken to align with ESG principles


We provide training to companies and management both in preparation for listing on the stock exchange and after listing, focusing on the capital market, investors, and media.

Training management in public communication and investor engagement

Training IR staff for effective management of IR activities, including support in implementing the IR function at the company level

Organizing working sessions to address the impact of financial and non-financial reporting obligations

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