Bucharest, Romania

IR & PR Services

1. IR Strategy and Action Plan

  • Conducting perception studies among investors, financial analysts, and the press
  • Analyzing and identifying current and potential investor profiles
  • Performing comparative analyses, including peer group analysis, to assess competition in the capital market
  • Developing the Investor Relations strategy
    • Defining or updating the Equity Story to enhance the company’s investment attractiveness
  • Creating an Action Plan for strategy implementation
    • Supporting increased analyst coverage of the company’s shares
    • Identifying new partnerships in the capital market
    • Providing recommendations for participation in relevant events in the capital market
    • Conducting estimation analyses among analysts and investors, anticipating the company’s financial reports, such as earnings consensus and trading update
  • Evaluating, measuring, and periodically reporting the achieved results

2. Communication with investors and the capital market

  • Developing and implementing an Investor Communication Plan
  • Crafting concise fact sheet presentations summarizing the company’s performance in A4 or A5 documents to pique the interest of investors and journalists
  • Designing investor presentations for various occasions and events, featuring a structure and design that highlights investment attractiveness, supported by figures, graphs, and key messages
  • Coordinating or providing support in organizing events such as “Investor’s Day” or other company events
  • Contributing to the development of periodic financial reporting processes in line with best practices, including calendar organization, conference calls, reports and presentations, promotion, investor and press communication, online distribution, transcript generation, records management, and translations
  • Assisting in the production of the annual report, including project management for internal department coordination, drafting, revision, design, and translation
  • Implementing best practices for the investor section of the website, incorporating both mandatory and optional elements to facilitate proactive communication through both structure and content
  • Creating newsletters to keep the target audience informed, covering official communications, various occasions, events, or reports
  • Developing social media content for investor engagement
  • Organizing Annual General Assembly (AGA) meetings, editing speeches for the President and board members, and facilitating the frequently asked questions section
  • Continuously assessing and monitoring the impact of investor communication and proactively adapting interventions to ensure ongoing and transparent communication with investors.

3. Public relations

  • Development and implementation of a Media Communication Plan
  • Crafting and distributing press releases
  • Identifying opportunities for targeted appearances in specialized press outlets, such as interviews, analyses, and editorials featuring management, based on a predetermined communication agenda
  • Organizing press conferences and events with the media and opinion leaders
  • Monitoring and reporting on press appearances