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VERTIK provides customized services that are tailored to the specific needs of customers, showcasing their success stories from four different perspectives: financial, communication, marketing, and legal.

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Step 1

Initial meeting to further explore and discuss

Step 2

Analyze the company's context and evaluate the potential for collaboration

Step 3

Sign the contract

Step 4

Set the objectives, the team and the plan

Step 5

Deliver and report

Step 6

Evaluate, adjust and measure performance

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With a personalized approach that focuses on the customer's needs, we enhance the public positioning of the company and create added value through effective communication. Our services encompass a wide range of areas, including website content and structure, Investor Relations section development, newsletters, social media management, perception studies, and the implementation of specific communication strategies.


We actively contribute to and coordinate the preparation of financial reports and the presentation of financial results. We also assist in establishing objectives for the capital market, and evaluate and measure the outcomes and results achieved in the capital market.


We develop and implement IR & PR strategies, which involve organizing meetings with investors, coordinating events, issuing press releases, and supporting the management in their public appearances. Additionally, we closely monitor and manage the public presence of the company.

Together, we can achieve long-term success in the capital market!

You will receive a comprehensive assessment of your company's current position, identifying its strengths and areas for improvement.
You will be well-prepared for a stock market listing, equipped with a clear investor relations strategy.
You will enhance communication with investors and elevate the quality of your financial reporting.
Your management team will be equipped with the skills and professionalism necessary to present themselves effectively in the capital market.

See the most common questions about collaborating with us.

The path towards listing on the stock exchange and building effective investor communication (IR - Investor Relations) involves a preparatory stage of training and strategic planning. By collaborating with VERTIK's professional consultants, we work together to develop a customized and efficient strategy for investor relations.

Listing on the stock exchange is indeed a strategic milestone for a company, and establishing effective communication strategies with investors is crucial. It is generally recommended to have a minimum collaboration period of at least one year to ensure consistency and demonstrate the management team's commitment to delivering on proposed plans. This longer-term approach allows for the establishment of trust and credibility with investors, fostering a strong and enduring relationship.

The IR and PR function holds significant importance within the company, and crucial decisions are often made in coordination with top management. In order to support these decisions effectively, our collaboration typically involves personnel from the financial, communication, and legal departments, ideally working together in a collaborative manner.

The pricing for our services is estimated based on the complexity of the project and the level of effort required. Typically, we collaborate through monthly subscriptions that encompass a range of personalized activities and services. For a tailored offer that meets your specific needs, we recommend initiating a discussion to further explore your requirements and determine the most suitable pricing arrangement.

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